Roofing Contractors: Tips To Hire The Right One

repairing a roof

Getting a new roof installed on your house is one of the most important, yet expensive, investments for any homeowner. Installing a new roof costs thousands of dollars, which is the reason why you need it done professionally. Although the roofing materials only take up a small percentage of the bill, much of the money goes into the skilled labor involved/required. The only way you can ensure a leak-proof job, and protect the investment as well is by hiring a professional and experienced roofing company.  The following list are key factors to consider when hiring a residential roofing company for your home.

repairing a roof

1. Credentials: Only a licensed and certified roofing contractor should be allowed to handle a roofing task, no matter how small or big the task is. It is only by hiring a well trained and certified contractor that you can be assured of quality work. In addition to this, the contractor should be able to produce his/her certifications to ascertain that he/she is indeed, trained for the job.

2. Experience: While many of the contractors on your shortlist may have all the credentials needed, very few have the experience required to be a professional roofer. This is the reason why you should look into the contractor’s portfolio to see how many successful roofing jobs he/she has handled. The contractor should also be willing to provide at least 3 references to help verify their experience. You should also take some time to contact these references to see the quality of job these contractors can give.

3. Insurance: Every Texas roofing company should have an insurance policy on him/her covering injuries and mishaps that may happen while at work. Although this may be a requirement, most contractors do not see the need to get an insurance cover for the same. Nonetheless, the only way you can protect yourself, and the contractor, is by ensuring he/she is insured, otherwise, you will be liable for anything that happens to the contractor while in your premises.

4. Warranty: It is always a good idea to discuss guarantees with the roofing contractor before getting into a contract. While reputable and experienced contractors may be willing to provide service warranty for the job done, some contractors may not be comfortable with the same. It’s only with a guarantee that you can protect yourself from extra expenses due to shoddy work, as well as identify experienced roofers from inexperienced ones.

5. Costs: As mentioned earlier, roofing is an expensive investment that should be taken seriously and all factors considered when hiring a contractor. Discussing the cost of roofing (labor) with the contractor before signing the contract is, therefore, a wise idea. Although some contractors may be too expensive, talking to 3 or 4 of them should help you find an affordable one to hire.

Finding the right roofing contractor isn’t always an easy task. You may have to window-shop for days before you can find the right person for the job. Nonetheless, asking your friends, work mates, and family to help you find one can make the job easier. Be sure to check the reviews online and most importantly check the contract before you sign anything..


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